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Who is Tech365?

Tech365 is a small business in the great city of Noblesville, IN, which provides IT support to small and medium sized businesses and organizations. Our services range from IT and network support, website design, data backup, monitoring, and an array of others.

We’re an organization’s one-stop, trusted source for year-round support.

We aren’t the biggest, nor do we ever want to be. We intentionally run our company with a smaller, more manageable staff, with which we can avoid excessive overhead. This setup allows us to be responsive to our clients’ needs. While we aren’t the biggest, our clients tend to think of us as one of the BEST, and that’s what we strive for each and every day.


What are we about?


It’s Thursday evening about 7, and you’re working late on a major presentation for the morning. In a few minutes, you’ll be done and headed home for dinner. Unexpectedly the power flickers, and then the computer won’t restart. It’s flashing error messages with gibberish that you don’t understand, and you don’t know how to fix it. Frustrated, you’re really not sure what to do. An onslaught of fear creeps in with the realization that you may have just lost months of crucial data because the computer has crashed and your data isn’t properly backed up.

With dread, you call your bosses to let them know what has happened, but they don’t answer. In a last ditch effort, you reluctantly call a co-worker in the hope they can provide good advice.

Your co-worker asks, ”Have you looked under the mouse?”

Confused, you ask, “What do you mean, under the mouse?”

The co-worker responds, “Tech365, our IT company, puts their contact information on a mousepad so that when you need anything you can call, chat, or email them.”

You lift up your computer mouse, see the mouse pad with its “Tech365” logo, and then quickly call their support line printed on it.  Two rings, wow! Then, out of surprise, a very welcome voice answers. You explain the issue, and within the hour the computer is back to work – doing its thing! Brandon, the Tech365 guy who saved my night, even remained onsite until my computer comfort-level returned.

As you are driving away from work, you joyfully call home saying that you are on your way. The next morning you give your presentation. All the leaders were delighted, and it ended up changing the course on how you do business.

Picture of Tech365 Mousepad We Give to Clients

-The above is a true story of what Tech365 is all about-


How Tech365 Got Its Start

Tech365 didn't open its business overnight but has taken years to get to where we are now. Below is an estimated timeline of where we came from and where we plan to go.


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