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STOP What You're Doing and Think.....

What would you do right now if your servers or computers crashed, were stolen, or got hit with some nasty ransomeware? 

Why You Need to Plan for Failure, Today

It’s going to happen, and you know it. Murphy’s law says it will happen at the worst possible time, too. It might have a natural cause like a fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. Or it could be from the construction down the street, cutting access to the internet, power, or other vital utility. Your servers or workstations may fail. Perhaps your network crashes, or there is a hacker on your system. Hardware is complicated and prone to failure. Software is complicated and succumbs to viruses and malware. Data becomes corrupted. Technology breaks.  Are you gambling your business’s survival on your present Disaster Recovery Plan? Do you have a formal Disaster Recovery Plan?

“Almost 40% of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster.”
— FEMA **

Can Your Organization Survive?

Formally called a Disaster Recovery Plan, the goal is to keep your organization alive after a catastrophic disaster. At first, everything screeches to a halt. Then you need to establish a base level of operations and essential customer service as you invoke your plan to restore full functionality. Only after the plan is carried out will you be back to business as usual. It won’t happen by accident. And it won’t happen on its own. The Disaster Recovery Plan will calm the stress and direct the nervous energies of everyone involved towards the same goal: saving your organization and getting it back to work.

We Have The Right-Sized Plan

Not every emergency is a full-blown catastrophe, but it can stop the show and hurt your business or organization. It still requires a plan to handle the crisis, and so a Disaster Recovery Plan can define the most mission-critical aspects of the business and how to take steps to get them running again in case of any problems. The organization will be ready for both minor and major mishaps. Once an incident occurs, you need only refer to your DRP, and the steps to solving your issue are there. You seize control over the situation, and your business is back to full throttle with minimal impact. 

Tech365 Disaster Recovery Services

Using their own resources, it is often far too expensive for a small or medium sized business and organzations to have a full-fledged Disaster Recovery Plan in place. Large corporations have massive data centers that ensure they (almost) never have downtime regardless of what goes wrong. But even banks and Google and Amazon have outages at times. Think of what happens when your business goes out of business, even for a little while. 

Tech365 provides Disaster Recovery planning and management services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations in Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, and Indianapolis. With Tech365, you get a full analysis of your critical infrastructure and seasoned, experienced, professional guidance in setting a plan for the unfortunate event of a disaster which will be implemented and maintained by our Tech365 staff and systems. Working in tandem with our Tech365 Managed Backup and Tech365 Network Monitoring services, your organization can be prepared for the unforeseen and unwarranted event of a disaster such as:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters
  • Theft
  • Accidental data delete
  • Hackers
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses, worms, trojans
  • Malware
  • DDOS attacks
  • Internet outages
  • Power outages
  • More

Making Plans

What matters is that once disaster strikes, you get back to full operations as quickly as possible. To do this requires several steps. There are industry standards and accepted ways to plan for contingencies. Tech365 follows the best industry practices and provides the finest IT resources and full-time support for your needs. 

Here is a brief overview of the Disaster Recovery Planning process:

There are three operational levels after a disaster:

  • Minimal service levels
  • Full functionality restored
  • Business as usual

A Disaster Recovery Plan accomplishes the following goals:

  • Establishes a key personnel contact tree
  • Establishes an Emergency Response Team and associated responsibilities
  • Defines a strategy for handling media announcements and updates
  • Defines a strategy for contacting and managing insurance concerns
  • Defines a strategy for handling financial and legal issues
  • Defines a strategy for managing IT matters
  • Develops a plan for testing disaster recovery scenarios

The IT management portion of the Disaster Recovery Plan addresses these issues:

  • Sets objectives for maximum downtime and data loss
  • Creates a disaster recovery project roadmap between current status and plan objectives
  • Compile inventories of all hardware, software applications, and business data
  • Define a critical data backup strategy
  • Define the critical software applications, business data, and specific hardware to run them
  • Prioritize hardware and software application re-installation
  • Prioritize business data restoration
  • Provide time estimates for installation, configuration, and testing

Testing the Plan

One element of Disaster Recovery Planning that organizations fail to spend enough time on is testing the various scenarios under which they might need to invoke their recovery plan. Tech365 can help by discussing these scenarios and showing you the steps you would take in different incidents of major or minor proportions. Testing takes the guesswork — and the panic — out of these situations. Talk to one of our representatives about scenario testing. It’s part of the service. 

Tech365 Support

We at Tech365 provide IT support without question or compromise. Whatever caused the problem is not the issue. We are going to fix the problem so that your organization is back to full strength as rapidly as possible. The buck stops at our door. Our company is purposely small, local, and highly responsive. We seek to build strong, trustworthy relationships with our clients so there is always comfort knowing we're there for you and the comfortability to ask any question. We've built our business around honest and valuable work in which you can checkout some of our Client Experiences and view some of the clients we serve.

We highly recommend your organization research us and others in the industry. We're confident you'll come to the conclusion that we provide consistent, high-quality services to each and every client no matter its size. Our success is 100% contingent upon your success.

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Since it’s going to happen, you better start planning now. Tech365 has the resources and the experience to make Disaster Recovery Planning easy and affordable, even for small and medium sized businesses. With a well-designed plan and some low-stress testing, you can be certain that your business will survive the coming disasters, whether big or small. This puts you in control, not the hackers, not the ransomware, not mother nature. You run your business even when Murphy’s law strikes.

Don't wait until it too late so contact Tech365 is your Disaster Recovery Planning Solution. We’ll work hard to protect your organization.

** https://www.fema.gov/protecting-your-businesses

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