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Tech365 holds itself accountable for anything we do when billing a client which is why we create and can provide detailed timesheets justifying each and every hour of support accountable. We see many businesses in the IT field who send invoices that have ghost billing which are ambiguous, unintelligible, and provide no intrinsic value or justification for their charges.

On the other hand, our timesheets not only detail what we’ve done but also provides the ability for future support cases to have a solid understanding of what was done and possibly what needs to be done allowing for quicker times to resolution.

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  • Ticket: 103884 - Quickbooks Not Opening
  • Date: 10/11/2016
  • Support Rep: Brandon Mitchell
  • Method: Remote Support
  • Billable Time: 1.25 Hours
  • - Troubleshooting with Sam Quickbooks not loading
  • - Installed Quickbooks Install Tool on PC
  • - Quickbooks loaded and validated items needed to run
  • - Setup testing user account on computer
  • - Logged into testing account and ran Quickbooks
  • - Quickbooks still had issues; opened normal account
  • - Repaired Quickbooks from Programs & Features menu
  • - Repair didn't resolve issue
  • - Completely uninstalled and reinstalled Quickbooks
  • - Setup Quickbooks and inputted activation keys
  • - Verified Quickbooks could be opened and were operational
  • - Confirmed with Sam all functionality could be performed prior to issue
  • Ticket: 103942 - Unable to Open Live Camera View
  • Date: 10/11/2016
  • Support Rep: Josh Adams
  • Method: Remote Support
  • Billable Time: 0.75 Hours
  • - Remotely connected to John’s computer
  • - Performed network connectivity tests to troubleshoot why cameras weren’t accessible
  • - Verified camera could be accessed via mobile app on Android
  • - Checked local camera settings for configuration issues
  • - Restarted camera viewing software and verified successful operation
  • - Informed John of restarting software helped solve issues
  • - Setup high priority alerting for proactive notification and resolution
  • - Verified alarms were working upon camera outage


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