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First and foremost, Tech365 isn't looking to be the biggest company out there; but we're going to be the best!

Tech365 is an information technology firm dedicating itself to helping businesses and organizations navigate the broad range of technical issues that invariably occur in the accessing, processing, protecting, storing, transmitting, and archiving of an organizations data.

We serve organization year-round in Fishers, Indianapolis, and Bloomington, and have recently established an office in Noblesville to provide local organizations with prompt and thoughtful solutions to sometimes perplexing IT situations.

One of an organizations’ greatest needs in information technology is acquiring personage both capable and willing to accept responsibility for often complex problems and knowing that they will be addressed with fiscal insight and long term clarity. Often we have seen organizations owners/management spend enormous amounts of time and dollars attempting to solve these problems. IT can be difficult and unpredictable, frequently leading to loss of productivity and creating unexpected issues. Tech365 is a trusted source for optimizing IT outcomes for many organizations.

We look for the core value when we make and recommend decisions as we know there's always a resource implication. Thus, our decision making process focally around these questions: (1) does it save money, (2) does it make money, (3) is it a client requirement, or (4) is it a government requirement?

Our range of clients stem from a one-person owned lawn care business to a 50+ person real estate management company. It doesn't matter your organizations size, amount of business, or bottom line, its success is important; for your success is also ultimately our success.

No matter your size, many IT Support providers lock organizations into long-term, high-priced contracts where little value is received from them. Tech365 isn't one of those companies as we don't have long-term contracts only a professional services agreement. If Tech365 isn't the best fit for your organization then you should have the right to find a provider who provides the best value and opportunity for success.

It's our hope your organization sees the value with us and allows an opportunity for us to serve your organization's IT needs.

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Hamilton County
17555 Willow View Rd Ste 209
Noblesville, IN 46062

Marion County
22 East Washington St Ste 640
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Phone & Fax: (317) 762-8362
Tech Support: (317) 762-8362 x2
Emergency Support: (317) 900-1776


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If your business or organization is ready to have a trusted, dedicated support team who will understand its needs and provide valuable solutions, then complete the form and we'll contact you to get the process started.

Otherwise, feel free to call us at (317) 762-8362, email at, or via online chat.